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Welcome to The Watership Down Nursery

Play. Explore. Learn

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Our Roots

What We’re All About

A day nursery and preschool offering full educational services to families in the Overton, Freefolk, Whitchurch and surrounding areas. Our nursery provides a fun, caring and homely environment which enables children to flourish and learn through exploration and play. We care about the children that attend and do everything we can to help nurture their imagination and curiosity whilst providing parents with peace of mind and the flexibility to fit around their busy lives.

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About us

Learning Through Play



We value children as individuals and believe passionately in using the interests of the child to enable learning. As children grow and develop they become more able to do things for themselves, to express themselves and to explore their world independently. This independence is encouraged at our nursery focusing on the Early Years Foundation Stage prime areas of learning and moving up to being ready for school.

Our nursery is our home away from home and we want it to be the same for the children in our care.



By ensuring your child is happy and content means they are more likely to take risks within their learning and therefore discover new and exciting possibilities.

As your child grows and develops in our setting we will continue to nourish their enthusiasm and natural thirst to learn by providing them with engaging, stimulating and challenging activities.


Into the wild

We enjoy looking for nature and exploring the outdoors, collage making, colour hunts, looking up, using our senses to see what we can hear, smell and see. Using our imagination to search for fairies, dragons and other mythical creatures.


Skills for Llfe

Rather than focusing on what children are learning, we focus on how children learn and help them to develop skills that will support them in the future. We tailor activities that promote exploring, creating, thinking critically and encouraging children to have a go.

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The Watership Down Nursery Ethos

A home from home.


As a family run business we strive to be a home away from home where your child feels comfortable, secure and cared for.

We understand how daunting it can be to leave your child in the care of another, particularly at such a young and precious age. To help your child with this transition our nursery approach provides some of those familiar routines and a nurturing environment.

Your child's key worker will take the time to meet with you and discuss your child's interests, routines, favourite toys, games and anything else we can do to make your child feel safe and comfortable with us.

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Don't take our word for it

See what our parents are saying

(we) "Think you pitched it perfectly... we weren’t fussed about any learning until she was settled and happy which has to be through finding out about routine and care. Personally would not have changed anything. Said it before but, thankyou!"

"She absolutely loves going to nursery and comes home full of stories of things she has done and who she has enjoyed playing with. We couldn't be happier sending her to such a lovely nursery."

"He is really happy with you and when we tell him it's a nursery day he can't wait to get to you - he always says "nursery" and runs to the front door!"

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What Ofsted had to say about us.

The manager/owner and staff team demonstrate a strong commitment to improving outcomes for children.
Staff provide a rich and varied environment for children.
Children's behaviour is exemplary.
Children make good progress in their communication and language skills. Staff expertly tailor their interactions to meet young children's developing language needs precisely.
Parents are happy with the nursery. They express how much their children love attending.

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Virtual Tour of our Main Play Space

Take a look around our nursery with two videos showing our main play space and our baby den. We encourage all children to play, explore and learn together.

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Virtual Tour of our Baby Den

Our baby den is a calm and quiet space within the nursery where the children play, explore and learn in a quiet and calming atmosphere.

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